The Rise of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas: A New Era on the Strip

The Legacy of the Desert Inn and the Birth of Encore

The Desert Inn, once a nine-story marvel, joined the ranks of legendary Las Vegas resorts like The Dunes, Hacienda, and Sands when it was imploded to make way for the future. The Las Vegas Review Journal poignantlyand mega888
mega888 described the event as “another chapter in Las Vegas’ history that is being closed beneath a cloud of dust.” The Desert Inn’s storied history was not forgotten, but its space was needed for a new vision: Encore at Wynn Las Vegas.


Encore at Wynn Las Vegas: A Glimpse into Grandeur

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, a 61-story hotel tower, is poised to offer a minimum of 1,500 suites, each a testament to luxury and comfort. The resort will encompass a full suite of amenities, including:

  • A vibrant casino area
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • A world-class spa
  • Multiple swimming pools
  • Retail spaces
  • Extensive convention facilities

The anticipated opening of Encore was set for 2007, marking a new era for the Las Vegas Strip.

Steve Wynn’s Visionary Agenda

Steve Wynn, the mastermind behind the project, had a significant milestone approaching with the grand opening of Wynn Las Vegas on April 28, 2005. This date held a special place in Wynn’s heart, coinciding with both his wife’s birthday and the Desert Inn’s original opening around the same time in 1950. Wynn Las Vegas was conceived as the epitome of a modern resort and casino, surpassing previous standards in luxury and cost.

Wynn’s portfolio boasts prestigious names such as Bellagio, Mirage, MGM Grand, and Treasure Island. His management style is renowned for generating substantial cash flows in the initial years of his Las Vegas ventures. The investment in Wynn Las Vegas, initially pegged at $2.6 billion, swelled to $3.5 billion with the addition of the Encore tower, making it the most expensive Strip resort at the time.


Inside Wynn Las Vegas: A World of Opulence

Beyond the Encore tower, Wynn Las Vegas offers an array of extravagant features:

  • Approximately 2,700 rooms
  • A 111,000 square-foot casino
  • Eighteen dining establishments
  • A Ferrari & Maserati dealership
  • An art gallery showcasing masterpieces, including works by Renoir and Cezanne, acquired by Steve Wynn for a total of $40 million
  • A man-made mountain with a cascading waterfall
  • A unique 2,000-seat theater designed for immersive experiences, featuring a water-themed Franco Dragone production

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