Islam Eschatology: The Journey to Judgment Day

regarding the end times, such as the prevalence of wealth and the Muslim conquest of various lands.

One of the Hadiths, or sayings of Prophet Muhammad concerning the end times, is narrated by Abu Hurayrah. The Prophet stated, “By the One in whose hand is my soul, this world will not end until a day

comes…” This Hadith, originating from the Arabian Peninsula, is also related to the prophecy of Muslims conquering Constantinople. Through his teachings, Prophet Muhammad laid the foundation for Islamic eschatology, providing believers with a roadmap to navigate the trials and tribulations of the end times.

The Concept of Major and Minor Signs

The major and minor signs in Islamic eschatology serve as indicators of the approaching apocalypse. Major signs are cataclysmic events, while minor signs are changes in culture, society, and morality. Events such as major wars, the emergence of the Anti-Christ

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